Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a Real Estate License

  • I want to get a real estate license? Where do I start?
  • Which format, the classroom or the online course, is better?
  • What is the Cram Course?
  • Aren't all real estate schools the same?
  • How do I register for the Salesperson Prelicense course?
  • I want to be in commercial real estate. Is there a separate commercial Salesperson Prelicense course?

License Renewal

  • I need to renew my real estate license. What is currently required?
  • What if I don't provide the Lawful Presence Verification form?
  • When do I renew my real estate license?
  • I will not have completed my continuing education hours in time for renewal. Can I get an extension on the renewal due date?

Lapsed License

  • How do I reinstate a lapsed license?
    • Lapsed for Education
    • Lapsed for Failure to Pay Renewal Fees

Postlicense Requirement for Agents Licensed Less Than One Year

  • You are required to take a 25-hour Postlicense course with an exam within one year of when you were licensed. Is it possible to have an extension of time to complete this course?
  • Where can I take a 25-hour Postlicense course?


  • Can I get a license in another state by reciprocity?

Code of Ethics

  • I took a Code of Ethics class several years ago. Do I have to take it again?
  • Can I renew my real estate license if I haven’t taken a Code of Ethics class?