Frequently Asked Questions

Postlicense Requirement for Agents Licensed Less Than One Year

You are required to take a 25-hour Postlicense course with an exam within one year of when you were licensed. Is it possible to have an extension of time to complete this course?

A 6-month extension of time is available ONLY IF (1) you have BOTH enrolled in and paid for an approved course before the date your license is scheduled to lapse, and (2) you do NOT conduct any brokerage business after the date your license lapses until you have mailed to the GREC the following:

  1. Completed Reinstate License Lapsed for Post Education; and
  2. Completion Certificate for the Postlicense course from an approved school.

Where can I take a 25-hour Postlicense course?

Postlicense course are available in classroom and online formats. Click here for a list of residential and commercial postlicense courses. All postlicense courses have a written exam and you cannot substitute continuing education course hours for postlicense credit.